Community Pet Feeding & Sterilization Initiative

As people living in our current strained economy we have noticed an influx of pet surrenders to animal rescue organizations. Our aim is to try and alleviate the need for food and sterilizations to try and reduce the massive influx of pets that can’t be cared for. As responsible pet owners we cannot do this alone and we need the assistance of each and every person who is willing and able.

It is not always an option to offer time but a tiny donation can enable us to put in the time and do the leg-work to save these animals and owners from the heartache of surrendering a pet due to economic circumstances.

These animals are so much more than just pets, more often than not they are the ones who save their humans and not the other way around. The only thing they ask for in return is love and care.

It takes a village of loving people and animals to save our humanity.

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